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 -Moments in Time Slideshows & Photography
- "I wouldn't go anywhere else
  Selina captured our photos & our ♥'s"                                                                  
         -The Morales's                                                                                 
-"We have found our photographer
for years to come..."
                                      -The Garrett's
-"I am happy to have chosen you as
my new photographer.                                            
See you again soon."                                                   
                                        -K. Tijerina                                   
-"Your prices are amazing and the
Quality is phenomenal!
You are now our annual
                                     -The Rodriguez's
-" I lost my job, and I had no                                                         
 way to pay for my wedding                                                          
 disc. Moments in Time SSP                                                            
 made my day when my FREE                                                                                                     
Disc came in the mail with the sweetest
note. Thank you Selina!"
                      "We won our free photo shoot,
                  and I landed my first modeling job
               with my new portfolio!"
                                                              "My Husband has seen many military
slideshow and her thinks yours are the best by far.
your phone will be ring off the hook soon!
-K. Alexander
Words cannot described how how amazed, pleased, 
and all around happy I am with the photos taken by Moments in Time
Slideshows & Photography.Best photography ever! 
I will MOST DEF be a repeat customer to capture 
all my family's most precious memories!
                                                      -Lissa Torres
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MITSSP reserves the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason. All consumers are responsible for anyone, anything, or any location in a photos provided and photos taken. MITSSP is not responsible for any damage that directly or indirectly occurs from the result of an aired photo(s). MITSSP will not take or air nude photos, and questionable material will be presented at the discretion of MITSSP. All sales are final. Any dissatisfaction with the ending product will be corrected to the best possible result. When placing an order the consumer agrees that he/she has permission, and is legally obliged to used provided photos and data. The consumer is further aware that any music used is purchased on behalf of the customer by MITSSP. The purchased music will not be reuse or retained for any other customer. The customer is also fully aware that he/she owns the rights (DRM) to all purchased music. Music purchased on behalf of the customer is paid for by the gift card purchased in conjunction with any package. Any Picture taken by MITSSP are property of said company prior to the release of the Disc License. Photos May not be reprinted, copied, or resold unless The Photo Disc License is purchased
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