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   Now... I could bore, and confuse you with big fancy words such as investments, and portfolios. I could even make this site un-user friendly, and hard to maneuver through, but I'm not. Photographers these days appear to come a dime a dozen.. From Craigslist's, Facebook pages, even telephone poles. All with Websites proclaiming the same things. Embedding in your mind why you should "invest" in them..  At MITSSP I am not just selling our services. I am selling you a vision, tangible memories, and the promise to treat all your precious moments & time like our own! Memories are beautiful, and so should the pictures that mark the moment! . With that being said; time is of the essence, so rather than bombarding you with tabs like "Investments, Portfolio, etc... I will simply tell you to click on the tabs to your left, and see our passion... our understanding of a budget... and mostly our ability to wow you with just simply us....We are... 

Moments In Time
Slideshows & Photography
-Selina H.

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"I wouldn't go anywhere else 
Selina captured our photos & our ♥'s" 

-The Morales's
"We have found our photographer for
years to come..."                                     
                                - The Garrett's

"I am happy to have chosen you as 
my new photographer. See you again soon." 

-K. Tijerina  

"Your prices are amazing and the
Quality is phenomenal! 
You are now our annual 
                                     -The Rodriguez Family

"I lost my job, and I had no way to pay for my wedding disc. 
Moments in Time SSP made my day when my 
FREE Disc came in the mail 
with the sweetest note Thank you Selina!" 

"We won our free photo shoot,                  
and I landed my first modeling
job with my new portfolio!"                                            

"My Husband has seen many military slideshows,
and he thinks yours is the best by far.
                                                  -K. Alexander 

"Words cannot described how how amazed and 
pleased, and all around happy
I am with the photos taken by 
Moments in Time Slideshows & Photography
Best photography ever!
I will MOST DEF be a repeat customer
to capture all my family's most
precious memories!"
                                   -Lisa Torres

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