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                                                              "My Husband has seen many military
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-K. Alexander
Words cannot described how how amazed, pleased, 
and all around happy I am with the photos taken by Moments in Time
Slideshows & Photography.Best photography ever! 
I will MOST DEF be a repeat customer to capture 
all my family's most precious memories!
                                                      -Lisa Torres

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 Please be aware all sales are final, and any requests not put on your order form may or may not be added to your photos, slideshows, or packages. ATTENTION ALL WEDDING PLANNERS/COORDINATORS. MITSSP will need to contact your client directly to obtain release, and permission to speak with outside vendors regarding their account. Please complete the client information below. Incomplete forms are not processed. Thank you for your understanding. We are not liable for any person or anything displayed in your pictures, and/or slideshows. As the purchaser, and signer of this agreement you agree to be responsible for maintaining insurance, and/or taking full responsibility/liability for all such accidents, and/or incidents during the course of your event(s) prior and post. As the purchaser, signer, representative, planner, event coordinator, or family member of this agreement you agree to be responsible for maintaining insurance, and/or taking full responsibility/liability for all media, photos, inventory during the Slideshow process. MITSSP does not accept liability or responsibility for any accidents/incidents directly or indirectly due to the presence of the Photographer(s), assistants, and/or Students. MITSSP is not responsible for damaged media, damaged photos, or incidents that may occur due to random acts of God. By signing and completing this form you agree that MITSSP is discharged from unforeseen occurrences, which are unavoidable and may result in insurmountable delay, expense, or other material breach. All fees must be paid in advance in an effort to provide the best quality of service to our clients. MITSSP requires 50% of the total cost of your order at the time of your first appointment. *Please Note prices are subject to change at any time with or without notice*. You may pay your existing balance in full to your photographer on the day of, and/or before your event begins. You may also make payment before the specified date. Payment will be required before photo coverage is provided. This payment may also be paid online 7 business days prior to your event. All Deposits are non-refundable, as we designate a specific amount of time to our customers. Which means your date will no longer be a vacancy for anyone else. If for any reason your event can not be followed through with as scheduled we will be happy to reschedule or alternate to another event. Rescheduling can only be provided ONCE after the initial scheduling. FYI: Packages for event Photography do not include Photo Discs or Prints. This is a separate sale. All files, photos, and slideshows are removed from our database after 14 business days, and will no longer be available. Slideshows Packages only include ONE disc. ALL discs are encoded and cannot be duplicated. MITSSP recommends to purchase a backup disc in the event damage occurs to your initial disc. We reserve the right to prosecute anyone attempting to duplicate, copy, resale, or represent any and all of our products. Music that is provided in a slideshow presentation is not property of MITSSP. DRM rights are purchased on behalf of the client, and any music purchased is removed from our data base once the disc is shipped, and received by our clients. We would also like to make you aware that all photos and/or slideshows can and will be used for advertising purposes. The following advertising outlets are as follow, but not limited to: Facebook©, YouTube©, Yahoo©, Google©, Myspace©, and any other social media outlets, and ad spaces available. Advertising is performed by anyone in our office or staff such as: photographer, students, and assistants. MITSSP requires the purchasers and signers of this agreement inform members, participants, planners, employees and guests that all photos may or may not be used for advertising purposes. PLEASE NOTE ALL WEDDING PLANNERS & EVENT COORDINATORS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL MEDIA, AND INVENTORY. By signing this contract all contracted vendors who act on behalf of their clients within the purchase of any slideshow or photographic service, and or product agree they have all permissions to make contractive decision on their client’s behalf. NOTE ALL EVENT PHOTOGRAPHY SERVICE CONTRACTS MUST BE SIGNED BY THE ACTUAL CUSTOMER. Purchaser and signers must also inform: members, participants, planners, employees and guests as well as any complaints, comments, and concerns must be redirected to purchaser.  Please be aware comments, complaints, and concerns will not be handle or acknowledged by MITSSP from any appearances they may see in a photo and or slideshow. Once again thank you for your time and we look forward in sharing this experience with you. Please allow up to 4-6 weeks to complete Slideshow orders & 8-12 Weeks for completed photo session discs/websites.  By checking below "I have read the above & agree" you are formally recognizing, agreeing and will fulfill, and follow all requirements mentioned above.
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